CVT10-S fiber converter offers a cost-effective way to convert optical signals to electrical signals, or electrical signals to optical signals, for connecting the sending card to the LED display.
Delivering a full-duplex, efficient and stable data transmission that is not easily interfered with, this converter is ideal for long-distance transmission.
The CVT10-s hardware design focuses on the practicality and convenience of the on-site installation. It can be mounted horizontally, in a suspended way, or rack mounted, which is easy, secure and reliable.
For rack mounting, two CVT10-s devices, or one CVT10-s device and a connecting piece can be combined into one assembly that is 1U in width.
Certifications:RoHS, FCC, CE, IC
Power supply:100-240V~, 50/60Hz, 0.7A
Size: 362.0 mm × 141.0 mm × 331.0 mm
Weight:2.1 kg

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