1 to 8 HDMI™ Splitter Full 3D and 4K60Hz(600MHz)

The Club 3D CSV-1383 is a high-performance and small-sized 1 to 8 HDMI™ Ultra High Definition Splitter with hot plug and iron casing. It distributes the input of the HDMI™ signal into eight identical outputs at the same time. It provides high performance audio and video output through HDMI™ cables up to 4K@60Hz resolution and is capable of receiving and transmitting up to 6Gbps/600MHz bandwidth.

This is a high-performance and small-sized HDMI™ splitter in a metal housing with an external Power Supply of 100-240VAC / 5V-3A DC, Power consumption(Max.) 11.3 Watt. It’s an ideal assistant both at home and at work.

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